Colouring concrete countertops: things to think about

Colouring concrete countertops: things to think about

Many people can be a little scared of the idea of concrete worktops, and that’s fair enough. They’re probably imagining a dull, dark grey concrete slab that sucks all the light and joy out of a room. However, concrete doesn’t have to be like that! There is a huge variety of polished concrete surfaces available, with many different colours, styles and finishes. 

Rather than just one shade of grey, there are dozens, from off-whites and soft mousy greys to deep charcoal hues. For a custom look, we can even add a dye to your concrete mix and create a colour unique to your specifications and desires. If you want to give your concrete some textural personality, we can also add decorative materials such as pieces of seashell, coloured glass, little trinkets or even fibre optic lights to the mix.

We understand if you’re finding it difficult to decide which design would be best for your interior. There are a lot of variables to consider, from your own aesthetic preferences, the style of the rest of the room, and ergonomic considerations, to long term plans, future property value and your current budget. To help you choose, here are a couple of things to think about before you make any big design decisions. 

Don’t put your trust in colour charts!

If you’re creating a custom coloured mix, you should be wary of the colour charts, as they often are just an approximation of the expected colour. Since concrete is a natural material which goes through many stages of production, we cannot guarantee the charts will match the colour of your final product. Usually, once the surfaces have been installed and have dried completely, they can be anything between 2 shades lighter than the chart, and two shades darker. Take predictions with a pinch of salt and plan for a slight colour discrepancy. 

Quick tip: Topical sealers should bring out the natural colour of your worktops and increase their vibrancy. 

Are you about to put your property on the market?

An important thing to remember is that buyers don’t want to see your dream home, they want to see a house they can turn into their dream home. If you’re redoing your kitchen to increase the value of your property, then don’t pick anything too drastic design wise, as this might put off potential buyers. Stick to something classic and subtle, something that the future owners will be able to put their own spin on. Stay away from quirky colours and elaborate inlays. Although you might get lucky - some people might be persuaded by a lime green kitchen counter! - the general rule of thumb is, keep it simple.

Existing decor

If you have decided on a colour scheme, then choose a worktop colour which accents your kitchen. For a warm red kitchen with hints of black, a dark grey counter could work well. If your kitchen is generally darker, then perhaps a bright light grey would be best. 

If you don’t know how the rest of the room is going to be designed just yet, then we recommend something subtle and versatile, like a classic medium grey. If you’re really not sure, consider waiting until you have decided on a colour scheme before you order your custom worktops. 

In the end, it’s up to you.

No matter how much advice we provide, the most crucial factor in selecting a custom worktop design is, without a doubt, your own personal needs and preferences. Think about what aesthetic you would like to cultivate, and what atmosphere you would like to create. Which colour palettes would you like to stick to? What do you like? Which colours, textures and designs are you most drawn to? Whatever it is that you want, we will do our best to facilitate it, simply contact us about our bespoke manufacturing services. 

Our durable polished concrete work surfaces won’t need to be replaced for a while, so it’s important you make a good choice. Don’t make any rushed decisions, and if you're struggling with your order, feel free to contact us via the information on our website. We are available by telephone, or if you’d rather not chat, simply send us a quick email. 

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