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Concrete worktops

Concrete kitchen worktops are sure to create a sophisticated contemporary style, conveying a modern impression of your home.

A polished concrete worktop has the capacity to completely transform the kitchen into a stylish area for cooking, eating and socialising.

Concrete doesn’t just evoke an atmosphere of understated sophistication but it also creates a hygienic workspace, necessary for safe food preparation and cooking, whether in a home or a commercial kitchen.

With a huge range of colours and finishes available, bespoke design that can include a sink, draining board and any designs for taps, as well as free installation, you are bound to find a concrete worktop that will suit your needs.

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Minimalist concrete worktop in white kitchen

Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops – not only for the kitchen!

Durable and resilient, concrete countertops combine the robust qualities of natural stone with the versatility of a material that can be poured and moulded into an endless variety of shapes.

Modern finishing methods mean that concrete surfaces have become a choice for customers looking to create an industrial-chic look. At home, concrete countertops often enrich kitchen interiors not only with their appearance, but also with functionality and durability. For the same reasons, they are also used in commercial facilities. Bar countertops, shop countertops, hotel spaces - the applications are endless!

Stonemade guarantees superior custom-made concrete products that reliably fulfil their function while creating a stylish look inside and outside.

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example of concrete sink
concrete basin light grey
concrete basin

Concrete Sinks &Basins

Concrete provides many of the natural features of stone yet it can be also cast into any shape.

A huge range of finishes in various colours and textures is available, offering a uniquely versatile way to create concrete sinks, bathroom basins, bathtubs, as well as various types of furniture in any size, colour and shape. Our concrete items are created precisely to customers’ requirements, serving domestic as well as commercial clients nationwide throughout the UK.

In addition to sinks and basins, we make shelves, chairs, tabletops and other items, creatively designed, innovatively manufactured and fitted exactly to your specification.

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example of concrete plant pot

Concrete Plant Pots

Our concrete indoor plant pots and outdoor planters combine practical utility with an understated but classy appearance that will perfectly complement many interior and exterior design schemes.

Whether as a stylish plant pot reminiscent of old stone walls and natural rock formations, or as a reliable utensil holder for your bathroom or kitchen, our square concrete containers will enhance the look of any space while performing a useful function.

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Colours and finishes

There are several ranges of colours that we can finish our products with. These colours are made of pigments that are combined to obtain one of the combination of finishes, including white light polished, dark grey medium polished, light grey medium polished, light grey heavy polished, natural light polished, and medium grey light polished.

The natural range of colours is the most popular among our customers, but we can provide polished concrete worktops and other items in any colour you specify, including dual-colour and multi-colour designs.

Do you want a black and white worktop?

We also offer terrazzo styles, popular with flooring designs, but also suitable for countertops, where pieces of stone are bonded within a concrete bed. For a totally unique personalisation, your concrete products can incorporate embedded items - from decorative tiles, pieces of coloured glass or coins to quirky ornaments and even some personal keepsakes.

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