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General Information on concrete products from Stonemade

Stonemade works with polished concrete to create a range of premium quality products. Concrete is an extremely versatile material, due to a key aspect of its manufacturing process. The smooth liquid mix can be poured and molded into an infinite variety of shapes. Every Stonemade project is a unique undertaking, with precise specifications, individual customer service and bespoke, custom design.

We pride ourselves on our clean finishes and professional final standards. Some visual variety can always be found with concrete, but this is the same as with any natural material, and with the proper care our products will age and mature beautifully. Stonemade work surfaces are ready to use and follow the highest standards of workmanship.

Taking Proper Care of Polished Concrete

In some ways, concrete behaves much like stone or wood as a building material. However, there are some things that it is particularly important to remember when considering concrete maintenance. Concrete is naturally water permeable, it is normal for a patina to form with time. We also use a layer of wax to help prevent water damage of the concrete.

The coat of sealer applied to our products helps protect against staining and also bacterial build up. Layers of sealant can become damaged through improper use resulting in patchy or peeling surfaces. When damaged, it can be repaired. Throughout your ownership of our products, we advise a reapplication of the wax coat every so often, as and when it is required. Frequent use of wax will keep your concrete looking fresh. Please get in touch on which wax to use.

For the first week, we recommend you clean your worktops meticulously, keeping them as dry as possible. This will make sure the curing process occurs and completes without mishap. Like any other natural material we do recommend to show some love to your concrete products

Other things to avoid include careless placement of vinegar or lemons, as acidic things will also damage the surfaces. 

It is important to remember to use a chopping board, as cutting onto the polished concrete surface might damage it. The sharp edges of the surfaces can be knocked and broken by rough handling or dense things bashing against them, for example careless use of heavy kitchen equipment. The seal can also be scratched by the use of aggressive cleaning utensils such as scourers or steel wool, so Stonemade recommends the use of soft sponges or cloths for maintenance. Although concrete is heat resistant, heat can harm the surfaces, so it is wise to use some sort of heat protection tool, such as a teatowel, board or pot stand. 

The polished concrete is completely sealed with food safe sealant. Stonemade recommends cleaning with soapy water or specially made concrete cleaning products.

Our Warranty 

The Stonemade warranty is dependent on the specific terms and conditions of our contract. Study the Terms and Conditions with care as some things you may do or fail to do could invalidate the warranty. The Stonemade warranty is only applicable to UK purchases. We do not purport to limit your statutory rights as a consumer.

The warranty begins from when you have possession of your purchase, either via installation, delivery or from when you pick it up yourself. The relevant information including date and time will be available on your purchase documentation (receipt, proof of purchase). 

The warranty is valid for 12 months, and within that allotted time if the product is damaged due to Stonemade’s fault or is faulty, Stonemade will refund or replace the product. After the warranty has elapsed, it can not and will not be extended. Note that it is in Stonemade’s discretion whether to refund or replace the product.

Note that replacement can take even 8-12 weeks due to other deadlines, please get in touch for more specific dates for replacements.

The natural variability in our products is a feature of the material and aspects such as veins or fissures or colours  in the concrete will not be seen as a breach of the warranty. You will need your proof of purchase to be able to claim under this warranty.

Please note that we are human beings like yourself and we will do our best to fully satisfy you.

What is included in our warranty

We cover issues with any of the material structure (material defects) of Stonemade products under our warranty.

If you have had your worktop installed by Stonemade, then we also cover the quality of the installation to be fit for normal domestic use.

According to our terms, if your claim is reasonable and justified we will either repair or replace the claimed product, or alternatively offer monetary refund according to the value of the product in relation to its damage. 

We will do our best to replace the product with the exact materials of the original but we maintain the right to use the closest available equivalent if we are unable to do so.. We will not cover the costs of any work done prior to our notification, so make sure to contact us at the first sign of an issue.

What is not included in our warranty

Stonemade warranty does not cover:

  • Natural variations in the material such as veins, fissures, bug holes, please do remember that it is a hand-made concrete which may posses some natural imperfections.
  • Damage due to misuse (pot stains, cut marks);
  • Damage sustained due to chemical, physical or mechanical abuse;
  • Normal day to day wear and tear;
  • Damage due to the improper following of Ts and Cs and Aftercare guidelines.
  • Repairing or replacing any third party products; 
  • Repairs undertaken without the notification or permission of Stonemade; 
  • Any damage of moving parts or parts which are expected to wear out over time such as rubber sink seals
  • Any damage sustained as a result of installation made by a any other installer than Stonemade; 
  • Damage caused by Force Majeure; 

NOTE: All complaints regarding the fitting must be put forward to our installation team whilst they are on site. Any complaints after the fact may not be considered.

Other limitations

Neither Stonemade nor any third parties offer any warranty except for the warranty expressed here. Stonemade will not be liable by contract for any loss or damages, be they incidental, specific, direct, or accidental, except from the death or injury of any customer directly resulting from our negligence as a company or as set out in our warranty. 

The customer must prepare the site for both templating and installation work. If the site of the installation is not properly prepared, e.g. sink/hob/tap not on site or cabinets or other appliances are not aligned, Stonemade reserves the right to refuse template and/or installation. After the site has been adequately prepared the customer must book a new slot for template and/or installation and is also required to pay additional £300-£800 + VAT  fee (depending on mileage/current volumes)

How to claim

If you do find yourself in the position to claim under our guarantee, please do get in touch.

Your claim will be assessed, and if you are able to claim, we will then get back to you to discuss the warranty. Note that we keep the right not to refund the deposit that is being taken prior template.

If we do not receive full payment on your order, the warranty is not valid on any Stonemade products. 


Stonemade offers free concrete samples. The samples are examples only, as the exact colour and texture may differ due to natural variation in the concrete. Depending on if we have the samples of any particular shade ready in stock or not, they will usually take between 3 and 7 days to reach you.

Please note that we will use exactly the same mixture as the sample chosen, every single component is weight to every gram. 

Deposit and payments

Stonemade requires a 50% deposit for all bespoke items. The balance of the price should be paid after production is completed but before delivery and installation unless agreed otherwise. Stonemade will email photos as proof of delivery if this is required. 

If changes to the design or product are required after the beginning of the manufacturing process, we may have to charge additional fees based on these changes.

Please do not amend your cabinets after the template has been made, any changes made after the template will not be our responsibility.

If the customer chooses to terminate production after it has already begun, the deposit might not be refunded. 

If the service is cancelled on the delivery day, they will be billed the relevant extra costs and which are due to be paid 7 days after the invoice is issued. 

All products remain Stonemade property until full payment is received.

Delays which are the fault of the customer which incur costs will be liable to the client according to our delay charges. If the project start date is delayed after the agreed start date, or if production is delayed after it has begun because of the customer’s fault, the deposit on the order may be lost, the order slot may be lost, or an extra delay charge of  £500 + VAT per week may be applied.

Refund & Cancellation policy

Up to 14 days from the day which the payment was made, you have the right as a customer to cancel the provision of any goods or services. 

Cancellations must be made in writing by letter or email. 

If we have begun work on your product, for example started production, hired staff, purchased materials etc. before you have made your cancellation, then you no longer have the right to cancel your order.

No refund will be issued if you cancel your order after 14 days has elapsed.

As Stonemade provides a specialist bespoke service, the client agrees that all payments made to Stonemade are non-refundable. If any fault occurs we can organise a consultation to repair that fault. This mistake must be categorically the fault of Stonemade, not a fault of the customer or a change in desire or disposition towards the contract, after the product and service have already been completed. 

If there is a disagreement, Stonemade must approve the redo. The client has 48 hours to communicate to us any fault or issue with the product after delivery. After this period of time, the customer takes full responsibility for the product, for its upkeep and maintenance and confirms that the product has been provided to them in the appropriate and expected condition.

Placing an order 

Your order will only be added to our manufacturing schedule once the full deposit has been paid. Stonemade will then arrange templating (if required) and delivery in correspondence with the customer.

We may have to alter the delivery or installation date if circumstances outside of our control necessitate it, for example van breakdowns or other delivery failures. In this situation you will be informed as soon as it is possible, and a new delivery will be arranged for the next possible date.

Confirmation of the product specifications

Although any diagrams or communication which you give to us, which detail the exact sizing, style and dimensions of your requested product will be analysed and interpreted to the best of our abilities, we cannot guarantee these interpretations will be correct, and we will not be liable for any miscommunications which result in incorrect manufacture of Stonemade products. It is the customer’s responsibility to check the quote to make sure that all the specifications are correct. 

Prior to production you will be sent an order confirmation which we base our manufacturing on. The customer should make sure that all the details of the order confirmation are exactly correct and match the requirements. We will not accept or begin the manufacturing of any bespoke product or design until the details of the order are confirmed as completely correct. 

Please note that we work in millimeters and we would appreciate it if all inquiries are in millimeters as well.

The descriptions, measurements (including of weight), or illustrations we provide are not binding, and should be taken by the consumer as approximations. Stonemade reserves the right to make alterations to sizing, colour and style as seems reasonable or is desirable, without notice or refund. 

Due to specifics of photography and image reproduction on various computer and device screens, we cannot guarantee the absolute colour accuracy of the images of the products on our website. Pictures and even samples should be treated as approximate examples. 

We may change the invoice from the accepted quote in order to include any changes that were required after the template and/or during production. Any changes that were necessitated will be included in the final invoice. 

Cut out details must be provided within the allocated time frame in order for them to be used in production. THe client is responsible for the size and dimensions  of the cut outs unless we have templated your project.


If a template is part of the order, you must make sure that the area which will be templated is ready and prepared in time for the measurements to be done, as the template will be based on the circumstances of the installation site at that time. 

Stonemade will take photos of the area as well as an actual template which will then be used to manufacture the mould.

The template prepared for an under-mounted sink will always be 2-5mm smaller than the actual required cut out, because of the variability in the edges of under-mounted sinks.  All the basic cut-out sinks are square with rounded edges, but we can also make custom radiused corners.

All alterations must be confirmed before production.

Through accepting the quote, the client consents to pay a fee of £350+VAT for each individual visit the Stonemade team must make to complete the templating process if the site has been malprepared. The area must be free from obstructions, units must be installed, sink/hob/tap must be on site for accurate measuring by our template team.

Manufacture and completion

Depending on the size and type of order, and also on how busy we are at the time, the production of every order will typically take about 14 days* to complete. (* working days)

Once the deposit has been paid, you will be notified of the approximate start date and production time. As our products are custom made, the manufacturing time will also necessarily be approximate. Stonemade will not be liable for any delay in production, including liabilities and costs. 

If products are delivered before they are totally dry, they will change colour as they dry completely. The colour may change naturally due to age, but since the products are more liable to staining during the drying time, special care should be taken over that period.


The customer must make sure that there is enough space reasonably near the delivery address for a large van to park, as since many of our products are large and heavy, they cannot be moved by human power over long distances. 

If a parking permit is required then the customer is responsible to provide the permit, failing to do so may result in us receiving the penalty charge which will be added to customer’s invoice. 

For installation, the customer must make sure there is enough space to allow for the safe and effective transportation of the product from the delivery vehicle to the installation zone. 

When  the customer has paid for full installation:

Stonemade will provide a maximum of 3 people to move the products unless agreed otherwise.

Some worktops may require more than 3 people to carry them. In this case, the customer may be asked to provide extra people.

If the location for delivery is unsafe, Stonemade may refuse delivery/installation.

Our installation service does not cover any electrical, gas or plumbing work. 

A tolerance of 2-5mm may be kept at either side of the worktop.

Some variability in the dimensions of the concrete can be expected as it is a natural material; up to 2mm per m2

The customer must prepare the installation site as follows:

All areas for installation should be prepared fully by the client before installation takes place;

Any changes to the surrounding structures should be carried out by the client before installation, and are not the responsibility of Stonemade;

All old surfaces must be removed, including sinks, taps and hobs, and all cabinets must be clean and ready for the installation work to take place;

Adequate and prepared setting for the installation of your ordered products, which includes proper substructures and frames, must be ensured by the customer. Information about how to prepare your area for installation is available on request;

Supporting structures should be flat, stable and have enough strength to support the entire surface all the way across its length.

The customer or their representative must be present during the installation in case any unforeseen decisions need to be made, if none are present then we will work with common sense.

A parking space must be available as close as possible to the installation site for the delivery van;

As with other services, parking or permits should be arranged by the client. If the parking is paid for, this must be covered by the customer;

If the size of the item means more than a 3-person team is required to unload, the additional labour needs to be available at the time of the delivery.

Post installation, the Delivery and Acceptance Protocol has to be signed by the client or a person designated by the client. If there is no person to sign, it will be presumed as accepted;

Any claim or issue in relation to the installation of Stonemade products should be made during the installation. After the workers have left the site, complaints may not be considered. 

All provided measurements assume +/-5mm tolerance for natural error. Gaps of up to 5mm are normal for wall and appliance facing edges. Some, potentially up to +/-3mm per linear meter flatness deviations may occur. 

An additional £300 +VAT will be paid  for each subsequent trip Stonemade  has to make to fit the surfaces because of bad preparation. For example, a  hob or cooker is in the way, or not in place correctly, there is limited or insufficient  access to the installation site, or kitchen units not ready for the product installation. Every additional (not pre arranged) cutout will be charged anything between £150 and £300 +VAT. 

Please note: When fitting sinks/basins, the retaining nut must be brought to the underside of the sink when fitting wastes. The silicone must be left to set. The nut cannot be tightened too much as this could cause damage to the product. A tolerance of ± 5mm should be allowed for with all measurements due to aspects of concrete as a natural material. After installation the products should be left to set for 48 hours. This will let the glue bond properly.


If the product has been manufactured with faults or damaged during delivery, it will be replaced. Replacing the product will usually take the same amount of time that was required to complete the original order. 

Stonemade will do its best to honour originally given delivery dates, however this is not guaranteed or part of the contract. 

Stonemade will contact the customer 2-5 days before the planned installation/delivery date. The client must prepare in time for the arranged delivery date. 

Stonemade will remake an order, however Stonemade is not liable for all of the associated costs, for example delivery and installation of third party appliances or labour required to move them. 

Essentially the same contract applies as with the original manufacturing order. 

Storage Rates

If payment is not received within the allocated time as according to the Stonemade Terms and Conditions, an additional storage charge may be added to the invoice depending on the size of the project.

We store products for 30 days after their manufacture has been finished. After this period of time, Stonemade will dispose of the product without additional notice or communication.

Surface Texture Variability

The production of polished concrete involves a fairly complex process, through which the liquid mix becomes solid stone. Stonemade aims to watch over exactly every stage of the manufacturing process, however due to the natural variables concrete provides, surface texture and colour do still vary. These variations are a natural part of the production process and are features of concrete as a material. They are not flaws. 

You may notice bug or blowholes, hairline cracks, small knockouts along edges, and an ageing patina. These are not structural issues and are part of the wonders of concrete.

With multiple casts, for example different sections of a worktop, there will usually be some natural variation in colour and surface texture. Movement and shrinkage do sometimes occur during the casting stages, which is normal. If any size issues are found, Stonemade will do its best to compensate these issues for a clean fit. 

Because of the way these products are manufactured, in the final piece you may notice layering, aggregates or imperfections. These are part of the production requirements.

Media consent

Stonemade reserves the right to utilise for promotional purposes photographs of the finished product in the completed environment. If the products of Stonemade are to be featured in the media then Stonemade must be credited as the maker of those products. All correspondence and information given by the company is subject to change without notice and is provided in good faith. 

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