How thick do concrete worktops need to be?

How thick do concrete worktops need to be?

When it comes to concrete worktops, you want them to look worth their price tag. After all, they’re most likely the first thing guests notice when visiting your home is an area where you will spend a lot of time (unless you prefer a good takeaway) and will give a great overall finish to your kitchen.

To know you’re getting the best quality for your money, there’s no doubt that you will want your countertops to be lightweight, fit for purpose, and have a good finish.

However, you don’t want them to be too heavy, which is often where many would judge on quality. Over time, contractors have learned that quality isn’t always based on weight. We’ve figured out ways of making concrete countertops thicker without increasing the mass, to keep fittings easy and pressure on the cupboards below minimal.

So how thick do concrete worktops really need to be?

The truth is, there is no right answer. Everyone and every place is different - meaning it’s best that we tailor to your needs based on a quote. The average countertop tends to be 1.5 to 2 inches thick, which is similar to that of marble or granite workspaces.

How does this equate to weight?

When it comes to handling and installation, problems can occur if a countertop is extra heavy. A countertop that is of average thickness tends to weigh around 18.75 pounds per square foot. This is just slightly more than granite, which weighs in at 18 pounds per square foot.

How is the weight kept down?

Contractors can use lightweight cores or even fibreglass/mesh reinforced concrete to make sure your worktops are as easy to fit as possible. Not only does this make worktops easier to install, it means that if you’d like to remove them, but it’s also much easier to do so.

Is it possible to create the illusion of a thicker concrete worktop?

Yes. Contractors give you all the benefits of a thicker looking worktop without the extra cost for you by casting a drop-front edge. This makes the countertop looks extra thick to the naked eye and will add a lovely finish to your kitchen.

How does pricing work?

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to quoting for concrete worktops. We’ll need to look at the amount of labour and detail that will be required in fitting, all of the manual handlings, initial material costs, finishing and transport to give you the best price possible.

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