5 Innovative Ways To Incorporate Concrete Into Your Kitchen

5 Innovative Ways To Incorporate Concrete Into Your Kitchen

The addition of concrete features and fittings can be a fantastic way to bring a whole lot of light and a hefty bit of class to your kitchen. Concrete is an amazingly versatile material, bright, modern and wonderfully practical, and easily customisable to your specific needs and desires. If you’re looking to revamp your kitchen this year, concrete additions may be the way to go. 

Bespoke made polished concrete worktops

If you’re interested in concrete, worktops seem like the obvious choice when it comes to incorporating liquid stone into your kitchen. They’ve existed for quite a while, but recently they have become quite fashionable! But don’t get us wrong, there are many better reasons to choose concrete worktops for your kitchen. They’re completely customisable to your specifications, whether you need unique dimensions or want a particular colour to match your interior design. They’re durable, high quality, bespoke made products that are built to last for years, as well as being a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing compliment to the atmosphere of your kitchen. When sealed, poured polished concrete worktops are seamless, stain resistant and easy to maintain, and will develop a beautiful natural patina with age and the proper care. 

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Concrete floor panels

While you may be a bit scared of committing to a completely new industrial aesthetic, installing a concrete floor in your kitchen doesn’t mean you have to change everything! Concrete floors can partner well with both modern and rustic interiors, and can easily be softened with rugs or woven mats. They are reliable, long lasting and low maintenance, and a smart, solid alternative to stone, tiles and peeling linoleum. Whether you want a traditional grey solid floor, a tinted mix or a modern patterned concrete design, there is an almost infinite variety of options to choose from. 

Panelled concrete walls

Concrete is more than just a practical building material; it can be beautiful as well! Concrete wall panels testify to that. They pair fantastically with glossy wood or tiled floors, and can be accented with colourful cupboards and kitchen fittings. Your concrete walls would also make a great backdrop for hanging paintings, posters and tapestries. They make a great statement against a natural or rustic interior, and complement a modern industrial or post-industrial aesthetic perfectly. If you want concrete walls but don’t already have them in your home, you could DIY them, or contact us about our concrete wall panels and tiles.

A built-in polished concrete basin or kitchen sink

The biggest advantage of concrete as a material is its versatility and moldability, which makes it perfect for creating counters and worktops with built in sinks and basins. An integrated sink blends seamlessly into your kitchen surfaces without the need for ugly sealant and gaps around messy seams and edges. In-built sinks are sanitary, easy to clean, durable and beautiful. If you want to add an air of effortless elegance to your kitchen, a polished concrete integrated sink is the way to go. 

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A modern concrete fireplace

A concrete fireplace is the perfect way to test the concrete waters, so to speak. A fireplace makes a great focal point in any room, and polished concrete can provide an elegant, classy addition to your kitchen or living room. You won’t have to make any big design decisions, but you’ll still be able to appreciate the beauty of a polished concrete feature in your home. Completely customisable, with an infinite variety of colours, sizes, shapes and finishing textures to choose from, be brave and make a statement with a modern concrete fireplace.

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