Talisker Skye Distillery

Talisker Distillery project with chiseled concrete counters


Isle of Skye

Project costs:

£9000 - £12000

Concrete colour:

Black widow

Cut outs:

For cabels

Concrete thickness:


Area covered:

approx 8m2

Turnaround time:

21 days

No items found.

Client has asked us whether we are able to produce counters with chiseled edges. We have produced a sample for approval and the client liked it very much.

Since the project was located at Isle of Skye, we have been asked to work to a drawing rather than doing a template.

The whole project came out lovely, everyone on site was amazed by it.

It took us over 12 hours to drive to Isle of Skye, the installation took 6 hours and then another 12 hours to drive back, it was a very long day indeed!

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