Radiance in concrete – Coffee tables

Illuminate your living space with our latest project featuring four radiant concrete coffee tables in vibrant, bright tones.


Greater London

Project costs:

£6500 - £8500

Concrete colour:

Cut outs:

Concrete thickness:


Area covered:

over 8m2

Turnaround time:

6 weeks

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Crafted for one of our recent clients large, luminous living room, these tables add a touch of contemporary elegance to their space. The bright tones of the tables harmonize effortlessly with the surrounding elements of the room – big cosy sofas beckoning relaxation.

Whether you're entertaining guests around the warmth of the fireplace or enjoying a quiet moment of reflection bathed in natural light from the expansive windows, these tables provide the perfect surface for drinks, snacks, or cherished décor items, enhancing the visual appeal of your living space with their radiant presence.

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