Third Space Moorgate fitness club in London

Polished concrete worktops / counters / reception desk and panels in various colours.



Project costs:

£50,000 - £60,000

Concrete colour:

Mid grey

Cut outs:

Various cut outs, 10 cut outs in total

Concrete thickness:

8mm, 50mm, 75mm, 120mm and 200mm

Area covered:

Approx 70m2

Turnaround time:

5 weeks

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We were very pleased to work on this project for Third Space Moorgate located at South Place in London. The schedule was very tight as we have had only 5 weeks to make approximately 70m2 of concrete at various thicknesses, the thickness varied from 8mm panels up to 200mm worktop. The project included worktops in Wine, reception desk in Ruby and panels in Mid Grey.

There was a need for some of the worktops to be floating so we had to make those strong enough but also light enough for that to happen.

Once everything has been installed, there was no a single snag from the client, our manufacturers as well as installation team did a great job!

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